The Conman Got Conned.

Being Malaysian we con everyday without realizing. The most common way is via bargaining. The sellers con us with “Aiyah miss best price already. If I discount some more my boss will kill me ah. Lowest liao. No earn your money ady” and us consumers would rather die than believing that that is the lowest price given and starts pointing out the flaws of the product i.e. “you see here tore already. Can’t work properly. Got one patch of dirt here. Give discount lah. Earn less abit never mind lah..”

As much as it’s a common thing to haggle, this act requires great skills and a sharp mind to focus and find flaws in each other’s actions and takes the best  advantage of the situation. Of course you will need the mouth of a samurai, swift in words yet deadly with each slice.

Right. Enough dramatisation. What I wanted to share was a true story that happened the day before where I saw the power of the conmen (tho of course they don’t literally con. I think.).

See I was browsing this kiosk that was selling phone covers and they had quite a range for my phone. After choosing two of them I naturally asked for a discount (like heck I’ll pay 30+ for a handphone cover). But that guy just refused to give any. Only to settle with RM60 for 2.

You see, sis is a hardcore person. So she haggled and her con skills was utilised.  She pointed out tears and how the pocket cannot be opened.. heck I was getting worried if I bought a faulty cover.

Now that guy refused to budge. (Let’s name him Loki). So Loki (hewhosoldphonecovers) fought back and suddenly came out with this brilliant conclusion.

Let’s play heads or tails; then we decide whose price to use. 3 throws.”

“So if you win we get RM60 per pair and if we win we get it for RM50.”


That got us all excited and both sides were gung-ho to win.

Here comes the kaki kangkang (opened legged) stance, coin placed, and flippedy up it goes. Me and sis chose heads (I think. Either way lah) and it hit rock bottom on tails. And then another time on tails. Sis being UBER sharp thinking stopped him.

“You cheated.”


“No i didn’t. I just flipped.”

“Sure. It’s science that if you flip with whatever side facing up, it fall with the side facing up as well. Damnconvincingyouwouldveboughtit Prove you didn’t cheat. Flip it with heads up.”

“Okay. I will.”

*flips coin*
Heads! So 1-2
*flips again*
Heads!!! 2-2
*last flip*

This is the funny part. The coin fell and rolled all around 3ft vicinity of the kiosk and my sis and Loki followed the coin half bent over.


And guess who won?

Loki : “what the eff!! Shit! Sheyyyyt! What the effffff!”

He came fist bumping us and I thanked him for his generosity. Dropped the RM50 and grabbed the two covers.

And that’s how my sis rolls.



Oh yeah. Experience of a lifetime.



Mid Point of Being Too Late

Have it ever hit you so bad that you’re too late to do anything?

I guess many never knew how terrifying can the word comfort be as much as it is the ultimate goal for most of us in life. Being where I am right here right now, am suddenly halfway in the quicksand of comfort and safety striving to decide whether should I cocoon myself into the warm fuzzy feeling of my warm little box of hand drawn circle or to grab on that hand pulling me into that fascinating but scary enchanted forest. Into the unknown.


Easier said than done. I suddenly find realization on how true the clichéd quotes can be.

“The more you’re afraid to do something, the more reasons you should go ahead and do it.”

“It’s better to have do it and face failure; than to face regret of not doing it”

I’d always assure myself that I’ll have my chance. I have tons of time. It’s okay to wait awhile more. I delayed. I procrastinate. I evade. I ran. Until one day when I realized that it’s not the fault of the situation but the weakness of the will and passion I had. The fear of dissapointing my loved ones the fear of failure. The fear for being the cause of disaster.

My mind was so enveloped by the conventional thinking of responsibility that it’s okay for me to mellow down my fighting fire, step aside and let the younger more potential ones take on while I prepare the nest.

I used to feel that I’d be fine as I can still earn and be worthy. But year after year i feel like part of me died. My fighting part. My dynamic self. My charisma. My spirit. What do I know of life if everything was provided and all things stagnant that I only push through everything with the instinct to survive.

Yes I know real gloomy emo post. ⚡☔

But I am grateful to God that I have two strong pillars in my life that has been drilling into my brains on the importance of taking one step ahead. It has been one heck of a frustrating period for them to finally see results; which I feel super bad for having them go through this. I hope they will never give up on me nor judge me for my actions. Not forgetting friends who continuously encourages and convinces me to never be afraid and that everybody has flaws. You know who all of you are.

Before I go back being Courage the Lion, I need to take that one step and things will always be better eventually.

Start moving forward.
And we can’t stop.
And we won’t stop.

There’s no turning back.
It’s never too late. NEVER.

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